A Brave New World

I have never really been one for blogging. I’ve never really seen the point, but that was probably just because I felt I had nothing to actually talk about that had any form of validity. I mean who am I to waste people’s time.

However, then something strange happened. For the past year I’ve decided to throw all caution to the wind and go for my lifelong dream of being an actor, against the better advice and judgement of some people in my life.. Now I fully understood what I was undertaking. I’d have to top up my training and push myself into every square corner of existence to get noticed in an ever suffocating medium, but to me it was all worth it for the journey and experience.

To pay the bills, I started doing background work to hopefully work my way up into more featured parts. This opened me up to the world of film and television making and I have gotta tell you; it is an eccentric place!

I started to accumulate fascinating stories to tell my friends, and one day I wrote one of those stories down on Facebook. Depressingly, this pseudo-comedic/self deprecating story got more like than anything I’d ever written before. I know! Crazy right. Even more likes than hilarious cat pictures of find.

So, then it got me to thinking. Maybe this is a good idea… To write about my exploits on set and the amazing people I get to meet as my day job. It’s a win-win. I get to promote myself to hopefully get more noticed and everyone else gets a bit of humour in their day.

In conclusion, this is me. My name is Hendrik Harms, aspiring actor and writer. My job is going to be to brighten your day. Yours is to sit back relax and hopefully watch an ascent to greatness.

For this evening however, in lieu of any said rising, I give you a funny cat picture.



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