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Trying My Hand At Short Story Writing. 100 Word Limit Is Tougher Than You Think..

There was a rumble and Patrick was jolted awake. His senses were groggy, but he could still make out the drone of the airplane’s engines. Above him there was a ominous, blinking yellow light and klaxon. He looked out of his window and saw the sea approaching at pace.
He sat bolt upright in his chair, panicking for a few moments before accepting the inevitable. His mind drifted to his loved ones, to his accomplishments and then to all he’d miss.
A serene disappointment washed over him, helping to stave off the tears, until there was nothing but the dark.


Time Off

Well, it turns out I wasn’t as capable of keeping up a blog as I’d first hoped, but it never hurts to try again. After my simply astounding amounts of posts, I figured it was only fair to give this another go.

So, either this time I’ll be able to keep it up… Or I’ll see you in another year.